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Interesting Post on Business Optimization December 1, 2007

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Today I saw the following interesting post by Timo Elliott on the transition from business automation to business optimization.  He made the following point:

The last decade has been about automating business processes. The next decade will be about building business-centric applications. For the first time, organizations will have the opportunity to apply a systems approach to best-practice use of information across the organization as a whole, by synchronizing the two key components of corporate performance improvement: operational excellence and strategic change.

The posting goes on to discuss the combinations of ERP and BI companies that have occurred recently.


Decision Support Information Architecture October 8, 2007

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We view the Serus core information architecture as a “federated content hub for decision support”.  It has the following layers:

Decision Support Information Architecture

This model of content and operations on content appears ideally suited to solutions that are based on integrated information. It combines several aspects of reporting and business intelligence with the business process driven concepts.

There are several important layers:

Content Management: this focuses on the raw representation of fetched or received content.

Decision Management: this deals with deriving new information, or setting aside information or changes to values as part of scenarios.

Goal-Driven Analysis: this deals with creating search routines that will consider different options, toward improving an objective function score.  The objective function might be lowest cost, might be shortest delay, etc.

Presentation: this deals with the screen-building and screen navigation that allows the user to access information at each of the different levels below, from row data to particular scenarios.

Thoughts on Business Intelligence – Part III September 19, 2007

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Previously we provided a definition of Business Intelligence and its applications, then of the data warehouse behind it.  Return to Part II.  In this post, we look at examples of business intelligence use, and some of Serus’ thoughts on the role of BI in Intelligent Operations Management.

Business Intelligence Use in Corporations

Less than 10 percent of companies exploit the full potential of supply chain business intelligence (BI) technology. However, companies that do use supply chain BI to enhance profits and coordinate promotions are able to improve sales planning and supplier performance, and, as a result, they gain flexibility to meet changes in demand. These are the key findings of a recent benchmark study by Ventana Research, as reported in Intelligent Enterprise magazine. (more…)

Thoughts on Business Intelligence – Part II September 14, 2007

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Previously we provided a definition of Business Intelligence and its applications.  Return to Part I.  In this posting, we are looking at the query side, the keys to success, and future trends in BI.

Query Tools and Outputs

In this phase, users are running queries and reports against the database.  Determining what to ask is the most critical part of using the system.  Since many users are not technical enough to write complex queries, many tools have automatic query generation.  The queries use the metadata to determine the tables and fields. (more…)

Thoughts on Business Intelligence – Part I September 10, 2007

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When defining the product for Intelligent Operations Management, we have drawn on a number of concepts from the area of Business Intelligence.  Since these concepts are quite similar (even in name), I thought it would be useful to provide some background information and definitions regarding Business Intelligence. (more…)