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Thoughts on the CMP Enterprise 2.0 conference June 24, 2007

Posted by Jeff in Event Reporting.
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I just got back from the CMP Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston, and it was quite exciting.

The conference was attended by about 1500 people, and had about 30 exhibitors.  The level of energy was very high.  There were presentations and exhibits by all of the major companies, including IBM, Microsoft, BEA, Cisco, etc.

For Serus, the most useful sessions were the ‘case studies’ of Enterprise 2.0 applications, and mashups in particular.  While no manufacturing companies were profiled, there were quite a few banks and other financial organizations.

What was disappointing about the material, or perhaps positive for Serus, was that few of the cases deals with quanitiative collaboration, which is hallmark of our concepts and approaches.  Instead, most of the presentations dealt with knowledge management, such as tracking documents, news stories, textual material, etc.

Where I felt that Serus was adding unique value was in our discussion about
qualitative, quantitative and options-generation based collaboration that we proposed back in April of this year.